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Dental Lab Imadents Ltd. manufactures all types of fixed and removable dentures that meet all functional and aesthetic requirements. The laboratory is equipped by the advanced, hi-tech equipment that allows performing all spectrums of prosthodontic services. Here are some of them:

Non-metal ceramic on framework from zirconium oxide on system KaVo Everest.
The non-metal ceramic, made up on the framework from zirconium is characterized by high structural strength (structures made of durable metal ZrO2) and a high level of aesthetics.


Crown and framework made of titanium and glass-ceramics on the system KaVo Everest.
The most important advantage of a framework from the titanium is that the metal is completely biologically compatible with the tissues of the oral cavity and has the smallest weights, in comparison with other metals (as well as with gold) that are applied in ceramic-metal crowns.

Metal ceramic crowns and prosthesis on a gold-platinum basis and chromocobalt alloys.
They have anti-allergic properties and posses complete biological compatibility with the human body.

Clasp dentures using the attachments of all kinds.
Clasp dentures on micro interlocking fastening allow filling defects in the dentition without sacrificing aesthetics as interlocking fastening staple crown and clasp denture without clasps (hooks), which can be seen in conversation and a smile.


Removal dentures, including telescopic crowns, interlocking fastening
The use of telescopic crowns for fixing prosthesis to avoid major inconveniences connected with wearing traditional dentures. Such prosthesis is firmly retained in the mouth and not seen as removable. It has no superfluous design elements, like a clasp denture. And what is important to know, it can be removed for thorough hygiene. If you lose a tooth, you do not need to remake the prosthesis completely, but only upgrade it taking into account extracted tooth. As the towers, you can use your own teeth and implants.

And also of acrylic plastic, nylon (Flexsaid) and thermoplastics: Valplast, DurAcetal.
The main advantage of this removable prosthesis is the absence of acrylic and monomer in material. That means that they are the optimal choice for patients who are suffering from allergic reactions to solid plastic. The second incontestable advantage is the absence of metal clasps (hooks), accordingly, you can try cosmetic features of such prosthesis above. Due to the fact that the prosthesis is elastic, and the method of fabrication is that the prosthesis bear against to the mucous membrane, the number of corrections for the forming of prosthetic bed is minimal (fast adoptation to the prosthesis).

Manufacturing of inlays and veneers, on the system KaVo Everest and Cergogold press ceramics.

Manufacturing of prostheses on implants of any systems and complexity, this allows to restore the dentition without removable prosthesis.

Temporary works of plastics and thermoplastics DurAcetal.

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